Public Affairs

"I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail." - Abraham Maslow

Presenting robust at the state and local level that public affairs strategies for our clients are the core of our work. Henrich Government Affairs uses public interest and targeted, select audiences to tell your story. Using the unique aspects of your business and culture to demonstrate, at the state and local level, Chad will use his expertise to create positive change for your organization. Our relationships with local and state governments, the media, and stakeholders are essential to our work; this entire network is at your disposal.


Examples of public affairs strategies that can help your business thrive include: 

  • Leveraging policymakers and legislative aids to change a law. 
  • Defeat legislation at the state level through a significant issue is too big or small for him to manage. 

His relationships in the government include:

Department of Revenue
Department of Health
Department of Economic Security (DES)
The Attorney Generals Office
The Governers Office

Issues Advocacy

The Arizona business, nonprofit, and government communities are engaged with multiple issues that need proper resolution through the government. 

There multiple venues and platforms that can be vehicles for positive change. This is an opportunity for small to medium businesses to make their issues heard. 

There are several organizations that Chad is a member of, or has contact with, which are platforms for the issues and problems that are important to your business. Chad understands that issues advocacy is often essential for forming coalitions or gaining support for a particular issue.

Chad's relationships include:

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) - State Director
Arizona Chamber
Arizona Tax Research Organization


Jamison Rounds - Managing Partner and Broker at Value Visor Business Sales and Real Estate

Chad has always been great to work with. He is service oriented and accomodating, even when schedule conflicts make accomodations difficult. When he was with the Secretary of State, he knew his job and executed well.

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