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Media Relations

The company has extensive experience with members of the media. Through issue management and opinion placement in print media, your company can be in a position to win public opinion.

State Measures Would Disclose Economic Impacts of Legislative Actions

January 2014 - Phoenix Business Journal

This is a print media piece that comments on State Bill 1105 and its impacts on the private sector. Chad was quoted in this piece, commenting directly on the impact of the legislation on small businesses. Opinion pieces that catch the attention of decision-makers are one of Chad’s specialties, which are easily worked into your business’s government relations strategic plan (hyperlink to government relations page).

New Year, Renewed Chance for Immigration Reform

January 2014 - Arizona Capital Times

“The immigration debate increasingly centers on the positive impact immigrants have on the economy and the jobs they create in communities across the country. This year, acting on immigration reform is one of the best things Congress and the president could do to spur the economy and create jobs.” Immigration reform is one example of lobbying that a media consultant can help with.

Core Institude to Hire 50

March 2014 - Phoenix Business Journal

Chad was quoted in this article on hiring in Arizona in his role as the Vice President of Public Affairs and Economic Development at the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. This is an example of lobbying (hyperlink to lobbying page) for a large event about increasing job growth for a specific company and event.

Senate Bill 1413 would Diversify Arizona’s Economu

March 2014 - Arizona Capital Times

Chad wrote an extensive piece on the “Arizona Comeback” and the possibility for greater business opportunities in Arizona. As an American lobbyist with twenty years of experience, Chad has a steady writing style “Manufacturing is experiencing a comeback in the United States. Arizona can be a part of it. Let’s continue the Arizona Comeback and support the creators and innovators that develop, produce and supply goods vital to the 21st century.”

Arizona's Not Thristy Yet

April 2014 - Arizona Capital Times

Water rights, dams, water planning, etc are essential to Arizona’s growth. Chad wrote this piece for AZ Central (hyperlink) about sophisticated studies and water-resource strategies. Presenting opinions in print is an essential part of a government relations strategic plan.

My View - When Students Drop Out, We All Lose

August 2014 - Phoenix Business Journal

Higher Education in Arizona is just good business: but first students must graduate high school with a diploma in hand. Chad wrote this piece for the Phoenix Business Journal about not only education but how the Phoneix community can contribute to better graduation rates.

Arizona Posted Nation's Lowest Rate of Improper Unemployment Payments

August 2014 - Cronkite News

Improper payments made by insurance companies that represent businesses are always an issue for companies. Across the country, Arizona had the lowest percentage of improper payments in the U.S. Chad was quoted in the Cronkie News (hyperlink) commenting on rules and regulations that help businesses lower their improper payments.

iWork Force: High-Tech Business Leaders Cite Properly Trained Work Force as Critical Component

September 2014 - Arizona Capital Times

Speaking as the vice president of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Chad commented on education in Arizona: having a technologically educated workforce is essential for continued growth in the state. High tech companies were at the center of this discussion. Lobbying laws to bring about constructive change and a government relations strategic plan were essential to continue to make a change in Arizona.

Clock Ticking for Export-Bank

October 2014 - Phoenix Business Journal

The Export-Bank’s mission is to facilitate business growth by assisting companies of all sizes in the export businesses. This government agency was at risk in 2014 if Congress would not reauthorize its existence. Chad wrote a compelling piece about the necessity of reauthorization and the potential negative impacts on Arizona small businesses. An excellent opinion piece in the Phoenix Business Journal on public affairs and lobbying.

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